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The York Region Centre for Community Safety is not a shelter. Our staff provides survivors with information on shelter options and facilitates the intake.

Our services are free of charge and we do not do any type of income screening.

Yes, we use interpreters to help us provide the necessary supports.

Anyone who is seeking to understand and heal from their experience of domestic, intimate partner, sexual violence and abuse or find support to rebuild their lives can receive services at the YRCCS.

Yes, anyone who has been victimized in an intimate partner relationship is eligible for services.

Services are offered voluntarily and it’s up to the survivor to decide what services they would like to utilize.

Absolutely not. We will never ask about your status nor will we refuse any services if you tell us you are undocumented. YRCCS wants all survivors to have a place where they feel safe from abuse and are comfortable talking about their current situation. Everyone has a right to feel safe, regardless of status.

The York Region Centre for Community Safety offers inclusive and equitable services. YRCCS does not discriminate based on race, age, sex, physical challenges, color, national origin, religious or political affiliation, gender expression or sexual orientation or marriage status.

All of the information you share with staff is kept confidential. This means that any information shared by a survivor with a staff member will be held in confidence and cannot be shared without your consent.

Limitations to Confidentiality:  There are very few limits to confidentiality, but they include the reporting of known or suspected child abuse or neglect or intent to harm yourself or others.

Perpetrators of domestic violence cannot receive services at YRCCS.

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