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Programs and Services

YRCCS will allow for different initiatives addressing violence against women, men and children in York Region to come together in a more coordinated and proactive way by providing structure and a centralized place to meet. Partner organizations have the ability to provide more seamless support to clients through an integrated intake procedure. When a client enters the Centre, she or he only has to tell his or her story once and, with documented permission and consent, this information can be shared with other service providers who will be providing support.

Intake & Assessment

Upon arrival to YRCCS, you will be asked to complete a Request for Service Form if eligible; the Case Manager will complete the assessment process and help you identify/decide which services to access while at YRCCS.

Service Coordination

After completing the intake and assessment, the staff will contact partner agencies and connect you with services based on the needs you have identified.

On-going Support

You may choose to access additional services through YRCCS at any time by contacting the Case Manager. Service providers may follow up with you individually and/or you have the option of returning to YRCCS.

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